Verdict next week

The Waigani National Court is deliberating on the verdict of a man, who allegedly impersonated his uncle, and misappropriated money from the Electoral Commission between June 2015 and January 2017.

A man has stood trial at the Waigani National Court over allegations he impersonated his uncle between June 2015 and January 2017, to access Service providers’ payments from the 2012 National Elections.

Joseph Ande made false representations as Thomas Martin, at the Westpac Bank, to access monies for services rendered to the Electoral Commission.

He allegedly opened two accounts at the bank, using a fake driver’s license, to access two BPNG Cheques drawn from the PNG Electoral Commission totaling K61, 000.

He was apprehended by police at the bank on his third attempt to access and use monies from the unrestricted account after depositing a cheque of K121, 000.

Police were informed by bank officers after Commissioner Patilias Gamato on 20 January 2017 requested Westpac to stop cheques from Bogus claims from the Electoral Commission.

The court is expected to deliver it ruling on verdict on the impersonation, and misappropriation charges against Ande next week.

He remains on bail awaiting the court’s verdict.

Sally Pokiton