Verdict on father’s sexual assault case today

A father from East New Britain Province will know the outcome of his case this afternoon if the court finds him guilty or otherwise to sexually assaulting his teenage daughter in Port Moresby.

A trial was conducted in the Waiagnai National Court after the man pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting his 13-year-old daughter in 2012.

The victim was in grade 6 at the time she was allegedly assaulted on three occasions.

The man whose identity is withheld to the age of the victim stood trial before Justice Nicholas Kirriwom this week.

It is the State’s allegation that he sexually assaulted her (penetration) in August, September and November of 2012 at various locations in the city after picking her up from school.

He allegedly threatened her before violating her.

At the time of the said assault, he was not living with the victim, her mother and other siblings.

The alleged persistent assault is said to have resulted in the victim contracting a sexual transmitted infection.

She gave evidence in court during the trial. He mother was also called by the State to give evidence.

She maintained that her father sexually penetrated her; however the accused said he only sexually touched her.

Her mother told the court that during the period of the said allegation and after, her daughter had foul bodily odor and noticed changes in her behaviour both at home and at school.   

Medical tests done on her, one year after the last alleged encounter with her father, showed she had an STI, however no evidence was put before the court if she was sexually active with other men after the alleged assault.


Sally Pokiton