Vendors Displaced

Three hundred clothing vendors who sell second hand clothes at the Yakapilin shelter at Jack Pidik Park on Portion 2192 were evicted recently.

Believed to be hired policemen and security guards on 16th of August, were evicted after a verbal warning was given on 15th of August and on 17th of August the entire area was fenced off. Everything happened within 48 hours.

The Port Moresby Vendors Association has more than five thousand men and women that used the potion of land for their business. The land is understood to be owned by the TST group.

The use of the land was an agreement with the National Capital District Commission, to sell secondhand clothes there, since 2008.

According to the vendors, there was no ample notice given to them to move out.

Lawyer representing the Association, Brian Lakakit said the vendors have been displaced and the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop must address this.

“We want Governor Parkop to tell us what the arrangement was with the TST Group and also help the mothers find another location in the city for their business. We know there is a court order in place, but these are men and women trying to make ends meet,” Mr Lakakit said.

Clothing vendor and mother of four, Nancy Apakali is worried for her children’s well-being, she has lost business and a moneymaking avenue.

“I am not happy that my second hand bale have been lost and I am concerned as to how I am going to support my family. I am calling on the Governor to help us,” said Mrs Apakali.

Meanwhile, Former President of the Vendors Association, Johnson Kanagen said they believe there is a court order in place but people need to understand that lives have been affected.

“It is only fair if these mothers are taken care off. It would have been proper that before any actions were taken, the mothers should have been given enough time to move out.

Godwin Eki