Vabukori Member calls for updated electoral roll

The Member for Vabukori Ward in the Motu Koita Assembly is calling on the Electoral Commission to display the recently updated preliminary Motu Koita Electoral Roll.

In a statement, Turaho Sevese Morea said eligible Motu Koita voters must be allowed the opportunity to ensure they are listed to vote in the coming Motu Koita Assembly Elections.

“During the roll update exercise in July this year, non-Motu Koita women married to Motu Koitabuans were denied enrolment by Electoral Commission officials,” Morea said.

“This issue has since been clarified by the Electoral Commission but those women denied are still yet to enrol.

“Another issue questioning the validity of the updated Common Roll is the legitimacy of names registered on ‘unofficial’ records when official enrolment forms ran out throughout all electorates.

“Electoral Commission officials engaged to conduct the roll update resorted to the use of exercise books and writing pads to enrol voters when official enrolment forms ran out.   

“Whether the Electoral Commission has validated these alternate stationery for enrolment remains unclear.

“Displaying the updated Common Roll will enable eligible voters to check their names and enrol if they are not listed.

“The Electoral Commission must ensure no eligible Motu Koita voter is denied because of confusion or lack of electoral forms. This is not an acceptable excuse and must not be condoned by the Motu Koita people.”

Morea said since all LLG elections have been deferred to April 2019, the Electoral Commission now has the ability to focus adequate resources to the Motu Koita Assembly Elections to ensure the process is carried out fairly and safely.

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