USAID, FHI 360 Give Support

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided funding to FHI 360 to assist in PNG’s fight against COVID-19.

The COVID-19 assistance began in April 2020 and will end in June.

When receiving the medical equipment and Biofire test kits from USAID, Country Representative for FHI 360, Dr Ignatius Mogaba said: “The assistance project is focused on strengthening the health system at the national level and within the National Capital District to prevent, detect and respond to the threat posed by COVID-19.”

Dr Mogaba thanked the US and USAID for their continued support.

“We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the COVID-19 response in PNG.”

FHI 360 is supporting six of the 10 priority areas identified by PNG’s National Preparedness and Response Plan.

The six areas are; surveillance, risk assessment and rapid response, clinical management and health care services, infection prevention and control, risk communication and community engagement and partner coordination.

Over the last year of implementation, the project has provided human resources support, capacity building for laboratory diagnostic services and surveillance support in NCD.

The project has also supported the NCD Provincial Health Authority and human resource gaps and logistics at the Rita Flynn Isolation Centre.

In addition, 23 Urban Clinics in NCD have received various equipment and provision of technical assistance to enhance infection prevention and control and risk communication.

FHI 360 have also supported risk communication and community engagement activities in NCD and raised awareness about COVID-19 within the private sector.

Deputy Controller, Dr Esrom Daoni said: “If it wasn’t for our partners, PNG would struggle more.”

Loop Author