U.S - PNG Bilateral Defence Dialogue

The United States and Papua New Guinea (PNG) successfully concluded their annual Bilateral Defence Dialogue on September 11, reinforcing partnership and commitment to cooperation in defence.

The dialogue, held at Murray Barracks, is an opportunity for both the United States and PNG to jointly plan activities for the upcoming year.

PNGDF Acting Chief of Defence Force Commodore Philip Polewara and Deputy Secretary for Defence Simon Tunapai hosted U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Thomas James, Mobilization Assistant to USINDOPACOM's Director of Strategic Planning and Policy along with U.S. military and defense civilians.   

The discussion centered on:

1. Military Exercises: Both countries highlighted the significance of joint military exercises to strengthen their defence capabilities and improve coordination between their armed forces. These exercises are poised to deepen military-to-military ties and enhance the readiness of their troops.

2. Capacity Building: The United States and Papua New Guinea have committed to mutual capacity building by sharing knowledge and technology. Collaborative projects aimed at enhancing their defence infrastructure and capabilities will be a focal point of their partnership.

3. Professional Military Education: Recognizing the importance of education in the military, both nations have unveiled plans for Professional Military Education. These programs will offer military personnel opportunities for advanced studies and specialized training, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

Activities under these initiatives were then planned and scheduled in coordination with other countries during the PNGDF and PNG Department of Defence's Multilateral OLGETA Series Initial Planning Conference held September 12-13. 

These initiatives underscore the robust partnership and collaboration between the United States and PNG, emphasizing their shared vision for a more secure and prosperous future. 

Loop Author