U.S $2.5 million Implementation letter signed

The governments of the United States and Papua New Guinea (PNG) have signed an Implementation Letter of USD $2.5 million for Strengthening Women’s Equality and Empowerment in Forestry in PNG.

The document was signed through USAID and the Department of National Planning and Monitoring (DNPM).

The funding highlights the continued commitment by the American people in advancing a free and open Indo-Pacific through their strengthened U.S.-Pacific partnerships for sustainable, prosperous, inclusive, secure, and democratically empowered societies.

The funding will benefit over 250 women from two provinces in PNG enhancing their livelihood opportunities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in at least 250 hectares of high-carbon areas, and reach a minimum of 15, 000 people through advocacy campaigns.

DNPM Secretary Koney Samuel countersigned the implementation letter on behalf of the PNG Government, enabling women entrepreneurs to access supply chains and ecosystem service markets, develop women’s leadership in the forestry industry, and build women’s climate resilience.

Deputy Mission Director for the Pacific Islands and Mongolia Betty Chung said, “This $2.5 million agreement represents the growing partnership between the U.S. and PNG, and reiterates to the PNG public how hard their government has been working to secure resources and partnerships for PNG’s development.”

Secretary Samuel and Deputy Mission Director Chung discussed the ongoing projects in PNG through USAID funding, and reflected on the increased partnership between both countries.

Secretary Samuel acknowledged the support saying, “I’m happy that USAID is stepping up to support different sectors including climate change, HIV & AIDs, and the PNG electrification partnership to support PNG’s Development strategy plan 2030.”

Carol Kidu