Urgent education reforms underway

The two government mandated education agencies are working on areas that need urgent reforms.

Revising the Grade 12 School Leaver or Application Form is amongst these reforms.

Both agencies are optimistic to introduce the new and revised school leaver application forms by April and introduced for current year 12 students to use this year.

The current school leaver form is said to be obsolete and needs to be revised to suit the upgraded selection system.

The school leaver form at the moment limits year 12 students to only 2 choices.

The new application form will allow students 5 preferences for higher education institutions.

“This is important. The software will select students according to the 5 choices,” clarified Fr Jan Czuba, Secretary for the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

Fr Jan said the Higher Education Department will work with the Education Department, universities and colleges to ensure the revised school leaver application forms will be ready by April.

“We are trying to bring more transparency to the Higher Education sector,” Fr Jan added.

While they are aware of the challenges they are faced with, Fr Jan says the directions they are taking is to ensure current year 12 students are selected to tertiary institutions on merit.

(Fr Jan Czuba)

Carolyn Ure