Upper Bundi to welcome New Year with bonfire and fireworks

About 200 people from the nearby villages of Upper Bundi, Madang Province will welcome the New Year with a bonfire and fireworks display.

Community impact projects director and owner of the Snow Pass Eco-Lodge, Vincent Kumura said they plan to host a New Year’s Eve BBQ for people in the area.

They’re planning a huge bonfire at 2,300m above sea level overlooking the majestic Ramu Valley.

The bonfire will be lit 10 minutes before midnight for New Year resolutions followed by a dedication prayer for the people.

Kumura explained that at midnight they will sound the alarm from two loud hailers followed by a wonderful display of fireworks.

He said this will be seen by whole Bundi including those climbing Mt. Wilhelm and those scattered along the mighty Ramu Valley including Walium District Headquarter about 100km away.

Kumura was the 2016 Digicel PNG Foundation Men of Honour Community Ingenuity Award winner for the community work he does in the area.

Picture courtesy of Vincent Kumura

Quintina Naime