UPNG host media discussions

The Journalism and Public Relations Strand at the University of PNG ended World Media Freedom Day’ with an evening program at the new lecture theatre last night.

The theme was ‘Shaping a Future of Rights; Freedom of Expression as a Driver for all other Human Rights’.

In the introductory remarks, Executive Dean for the School of Humanities and Social Science, Professor Leo Marai, spoke about the importance of commemorating the day.

“We gather to and reflect on the importance of free and responsible media. We recognize the importance of this values and the responsibilities we have to promote and defend them,” said Professor Marai.

On the panel of discussion was Chief Censor at the Office of Censorship, Jim Abani, Marketing and Communications Manager at Hilton Hotel, Florida Gulaseni, and Flierl Shongol the Deputy Secretary and CEO for the Department of ICT.

The three guests spoke stressed on their work aligning with freedom of expression, journalism, roles and responsibilities and more.

“I also call on all journalists who are on the field, upcoming content writer and producers to be very mindful about the information that we disseminate. I’m saying this because Censorship office is a mandated statutory organization that ensures that content is suitable for all public consumption,” shared Abani.

Journalism and Public relations students and journalists and marketing officers in the field were in attendance of the event and asked questions to several leaders of the media council and panelists.

PNG Media Council secretary, Belinda Kora gave insights on the council as well as addressing issues like misleading information published or aired.

“Mainstream media outlets, everything you see in the newspaper, on the first story page, second page that’s determined by the editors of the newsroom, if we do get your complaints from the council because of misleading information, you have the right to come to the council and we deal with the editors. When we want to deal with them, we advise on what they should do better,” stated Kora.