Upgrade Kangu Border Post

The Kangu Border Post in South Bougainville is an addition to the many other projects initiated by the Marape Basil-led Government.

However, Member for South Bougainville, Timothy Masiu says that the building is too small to accommodate for all relevant agencies and needs upgrading.

“The Kangu Border Processing post must be upgraded. There is only a little house there, so I am asking the Government through the Customs Office to upgrade the border processing post. Currently what we have is too small to house other agencies like NAQIA, who have a role to look after our border. We need a bigger office,” he said.

In response to this request, Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Westly Nukundj said he would look into the matter and took a trip to the post for closer inspection.

Mr Nukundj said, “I have heard your requests for an upgrade of the Kangu border post. It is the responsibility of Customs to set up border post infrastructure, which falls directly under my Ministry and as Minister, I make ministerial determination for border post upgrade and assure you that we can deliver before the issue of writs. It is possible that we can build a bigger border post.”

He said that the upgrade could eventuate but only before the issuing of writs so that it will not be seen as an election stunt.

Mr Nukundj said he would have a sit down with Minister Masiu and relevant agents to go over necessary discussion in planning for the upgrade on the Kangu Border Processing Post.

Carol Kidu