UOG SRC constitution under review

A review of the University of Goroka Student Representative Council constitution is still in progress.

The University Council decided to suspend the Student Representative Council (SRC) at the height of student unrests on campus in 2016 and review the SRC constitution.

As a decision of the Council, an internal committee comprising of staff and students was established to review the constitution.

The whole purpose of reviewing the SRC constitution is to encourage promotion of national unity and discourage groupings of students based on ethnicity and tribalism in the pretext of the SRC.

UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb confirmed that the review of the constitution is ongoing since last year.

Sukwianomb has written to the chairman of the committee to start concluding the report and to submit it back to the Council to consider.

The Council will then make a decision from the report to amend the existing SRC constitution.

“It has taken some time since last year but there’s an opportunity for a reformed SRC.

“The SRC needs a policy to guide its operations,” Sukwianomb said.