Unresolved issues for Gulf: LOs

The Gulf LNG petroleum resources provide an alternative world class LNG hub however, dissatisfied people from Western Gulf say there are unresolved issues that need urgent consideration before Gulf Province allows the gas project to commence.

Changing the name from Papuan LNG to Gulf LNG Project and approving the Gulf LNG under the revised PNG Oil and Gas Act are amongst the list of agendas the people are pushing for the provincial and national governments and developers to resolve.

The people from Ihu, Baimuru and Kikori say they will not give away their petroleum and LNG resources cheaply without voicing their objections.

They are demanding for the government and developers to accommodate their views and clearly spell out their equity benefits before the project proceeds.

The pressure group notes that Gulf waters accommodate the pipeline from Southern Highlands to Kikori and the Antelope field in Purari however, they have not benefitted from this.

“This pipeline is right at our doorsteps yet we are getting nothing, in terms of tax,” says Dominic Evera, Port Moresby-based coordinator from the No Pipeline Pressure Group.

The locals also raised concerns over the environmental damages.

“Why are East Kerema people not compensated for the fish loss when the pipeline runs through their traditional waters?” queried coordinator Miro Peter.

“Government must know that we are very vocal now…they have technical people who know about this and must take our concerns on board.”

Carolyn Ure