Uncivilised incident: ACP

Southern Command’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, described the security guards’ confrontation at Jackson’s airport as “uncivilised”.

Yesterday’s fight between two security firms stemmed from what was reported as a change of contracted security by the National Airports Corporation (NAC).

ACP Wagambie Jnr said the incident was an act of domestic terrorism on a vital Government installation.

“This has never happened before,” he stated.

“We will work closely with NAC security to ensure that those that have broken Civil Aviation laws are dealt with under that Act, which carries hefty penalties.”

He outlined that the cost of damages will be determined so that those involved will be charged accordingly. 

“I will not allow any compromise from parties, we cannot allow this sort of uncivilised behaviour carry on as it will happen again in the near future,” he stated.

“I am calling on the Security Industry Commission to seriously look into the operations of these companies. We cannot have bullying taking place when it comes to change of contracts.”

ACP Wagambie Jnr said police attended to the fighting shortly after getting the call.

“The fight started at about 6.30 in the morning.

“The guards from the security firm that had launched the attack were rounded up by police and taken to Airport Police base, where the management of both security companies as well as NAC management met.

“Police will now be in charge of supporting NAC Security to keep watch at the Jackson’s International Airport while the issue of security provider is sorted out by NAC management.

“I want to assure everyone that police will not let this go down easily.”

Press release