UN officials acknowledge Government’s progress on child protection systems

UNICEF Country Representative Olushola Ismail has acknowledged the progress made by the Government of PNG in the last two years towards establishing a National Child Protection system.

“I congratulate the Government of PNG for passing and gazetting the Lukautim Pikinini Act, 2015 and we look forward to its implementation,”  Ismail said in a media statement.

UNICEF Country Representative, Ismail made these remarks during a reception at Airways Hotel, on Thursday, December 15, 2016, in honour of two visiting United Nations female officials.

The dinner was co-hosted by UNICEF and the Minister for Community Development and Religion, Delilah Gore for Fatoumata Ndiaye (NA-DI-AYE, Ms), who is the Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations and Deputy Executive Director - UNICEF, and  Karin Hulshof (HAL-SHOF, Ms) – UNICEF’s Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific.

During her visit, Ndiaye had the opportunity to pay a day’s visit to Aziana village in Daulo District, Eastern Highlands Province to celebrate Child Health Day on Thursday, December  15, 2016, and returned back to Port Moresby the same afternoon to attend the Dinner Reception.

As the Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations, Ndiaye’s visit to a rural village of PNG is significant as she got to see for herself the struggles PNG children go through especially in malnutrition, education, health, water and sanitation.

In his welcoming speech,  Ismail recognised the Government’s efforts in making significant progress over the last two years by improving legal and policy framework, and said, this shows UNICEF’s and the Government of PNG shared commitment to protect PNG children from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.

 Ministr Gore spoke highly of UNICEF’s support and commitment that has resulted in the Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015 been passed by Parliament and the support of other development partners and donor agencies in the name of our children.

Minister Gore also echoed  Ismail’s appreciation towards  Ndiaye and  Hulshof for prioritising PNG on a global scale to come and celebrate Child Health Day with PNG children, which falls on December 15 every year.

“We can come up with policies and legislations but how we implement them with a coordinated effort is very important if we want them to work. Therefore, the role of development partners working together with the government in a collaborated effort will only see us fulfil the aims and objectives,” said Minister Gore.

Other important dignitaries who attended the Dinner Reception was French Ambassador to PNG, HE Catherine Ebert-Grey – US Ambassador to PNG, Hiroshi Naawata – Deputy Chief of Mission, Japanese Embassy, Tony Fautua – New Zealand High Commissioner to PNG, other Resident Diplomatic Mission Heads in PNG, representatives from the Private Sector and development partners. 

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