Uguro Highlights Education Challenges

The Department of Education’s major difficulties experienced in 2020 are financing of core functions and schools, infrastructure and provincial capacity to provide education services.

Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro made this known when presenting the Education Department’s 2020 Annual Report in the recent Parliament session.

He mentioned that the department’s main challenge over the next 10 years is to ensure that all children complete 13 years of relevant quality basic education.

Minister Uguro said apart from COVID-19, other challenges included; social, political, environment, population growth of 2.7 percent, HIV/AIDS, deteriorating law and order, transport, communications, infrastructure, low provincial capacity to finance, manage and deliver education and other services.

More importantly, he said the need for increased funding to implement the new school structure of 1-6-6, which requires huge capital investment.


Freddy Mou