Uguro Clarifies Project Purpose

Member for Usino Bundi and Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro has clarified that any project in the district is not designed for election purposes.

He said it is service delivery that the government is embarking on and emphasised that no one must play politics on projects.

"Projects are ongoing and will be completed as per schedule. Projects should not be measured as incomplete but should be classified as ongoing," Uguro told this newsroom.

He added that project must not be measured with election. Uguro further explained that genuine projects required time to complete and election is the process, which can be used to re-elect or elect genuine leaders to continue and complete projects.  

Uguro made this call to clear doubts in the minds of people in general across the country but specifically to his people in the electorate.

"People must not measure projects against politics and during the upcoming election period."

Freddy Mou