Uguro aims to transform Usino

Usino Bundi District in Madang Province has seen a tremendous facelift to development.

Local MP and Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro, is making his vision of service delivery become reality for his people.

He said, “We are now rolling out district rural electrification program, roofing iron distributed to people in the district, upgrade and maintenance of various hospitals and other projects that will transform the lives of my people.”

Uguro also mentioned that the district will be receiving the Prime Minister and his delegation this December, to officially open the state-of-the-art stadium.

“Prime Minister will also be launching the ‘Prime Minister Cup’ and so far, one hundred teams have registered to participate.”

Uguro also pointed out that law and order issue in the district has lessened, as people and local leadership work closely with police to maintain law and order.

Meantime, he has directed the Chief Executive Officer of the District Development Authority to roll out vaccination programs in Usino, Bundi and Gama.

He is calling on his people to get vaccinated and protect themselves from the deadly COVID-19.

“I have been vaccinated and urged all my people to get vaccinated inorder to be safe from the deadly coronavirus,” Uguro said.

Freddy Mou