Two deaths, several injuries following Erima clash

The Erima confrontation between settlers and police on Saturday night has resulted in the death of two men from Hela, a number of unconfirmed injured casualties and damages to property.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said police were conducting their operation under the Erima flyover settlement, which is known as Taripex, when they were attacked by a group of men who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

The police vehicle used that time was stoned by the group of men. The NCD police boss said the unit then retreated and requested for back up, where the law enforcers retaliated soon after.

“These people openly sell marijuana here,” N’Dranou stated. “They conduct illegal businesses here and do not want police to intervene. They just want this place to be lawless.”

N’Dranou stressed that their job is to maintain law and order, and keep the city safe for residents and investors.

“They just expect us to let them run around and do whatever they want in this city?”

On the other hand, eyewitnesses claim three police vehicles with officers who were under the influence instigated the situation.

Settlers there, who were also under the influence, then retaliated. This led to police officers allegedly firing their weapons, resulting in the deaths as well as a number of nearby residents getting injured.

Opportunists also capitalised on the chaos and damaged vehicles that were commuting into and out of the city using the Erima road.

There was heavy police presence this morning as the two deceased were laid under the flyover, with mourning relatives and residents gathering around.

The police hierarchy, including Police Minister Bryan Kramer, were on hand to address the community.

The bodies were then taken to the hospital at around 11am, with residents urged to disband from under the flyover.

Situation is still tense and city residents are urged to exercise caution when commuting along that part of the city.

(Relatives, settlers and police officers around the deceased this morning)

Carmella Gware