TST: NCDC in Contempt

TST has responded to the Jack Pidik fence demolition by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC), saying NCDC is in contempt of court and contempt proceedings are being filed against the city authority.

In a statement, the company said justice has not been served for them, as they had given up a portion of land for the extension of the Port Moresby General Hospital in exchange for portion 20192, but since then have been denied use of the land.

The company said it has offered the NCDC three options regarding the land.

(1) Buy the land; or

(2) Buy half the land and use it as a recreational use, or

(3) Approve physical planning applications which have included planning for an open space park area to be developed at our cost.

TST Group says all three offers have fallen on deaf ears.

The company said that in the past 30 years, they have submitted 8 physical planning applications to the NCDC Physical Planning Board, seven of which were refused with the latest one still pending.

Five different court proceedings were initiated and all have ended in the Supreme Court proceedings. All have ended in the Supreme Court ruling in favour of TST.

The statement went on to say that the fence was put up following the decision of the court granting them permission to do so, and if the NCDC has any issues regarding this, they should have resolved it through the courts.

“Demolishing the fence clearly demonstrates NCDC’s disrespect for private property and disregard for the law. It is nothing more than a land grabbing- exercise and a waste of taxpayers money,” TST Group stated.

Loop Author