Triple killings mar festive celebrations in Madang

Three deaths were reported on the eve of the New Year in Madang Province, says acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Senior Inspector Rubiang Mazuc.

The deaths were reported along the North Coast Road. Two of those were double killings whilst one was alcohol related.

Acting PPC Mazuc said the double killings were reported in the Sumgilbar Local Level Government in the Sumkar electorate while the third one was reported in the Mambuan area of Bogia district.

“The double killings occurred at Biranis village in the Mugiar area of Sumgilbar Local Level Government where an elderly man of 70 years was killed. The deceased was returning to his house after visiting his daughter when he was killed.

“Four suspects from the same village attacked him with a machete. The villagers were alerted and rushed him to the nearby Mugiar Health Centre however, the victim died, most presumably from loss of blood.”

The Commander said they have yet to establish the reason for the killing of the old man. He said the same suspects then killed a man from Bogia, employed by a foreign store at Kubugam. The deceased may have witnessed the killing of the old man and was allegedly stabbed to death whilst returning after having a shower.

“Three of those suspects were arrested on the eve of the New Year by the villagers whilst the prime suspect escaped towards Karkar Island,” Mazuc said.

The acting PPC said police are looking for the prime suspect in the double killing. He said once located, the suspect will be arrested and charged.

The PPC said the killing at Bogia occurred on the eve of the New Year at Ambu village in the Yawar Local Level Government area of Bogia district. This occurred after the deceased went out of his premises to stop drunk youths from disturbing the community.

“In the process, one of the drunkards stabbed him and he died instantly, most probably from loss of blood. The suspect is known and comes from the same area as the deceased,” he said.

“Those were the only reported serious cases just on the eve of 2020. Otherwise, it was generally peaceful celebrations for the people of Madang.”

The acting PPC also commended police personnel for their efforts during the festive season.

“I would like to extend my word of appreciation to my policemen and policewomen who worked tirelessly to ensure the province was quiet. There were some major crimes committed but those were isolated incidences and we were able to attend to those cases and contain them. They truly stood out during the festive period and I commend each and every one of them for their outstanding performances,” he said.

Officers from the office of the Divisional Commander for Northern were also on hand to observe the festive period operations conducted by Madang police.

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