Tribunal recommends Kramer's dismissal

Suspended MP for Madang, Bryan Kramer was found guilty of misconduct by a leadership tribunal.

Now, the leadership tribunal is making an example of the anti-corruption advocate by recommending he be dismissed from office. The decision was handed down this morning.

Kramer was found guilty of seven of 13 misconduct allegations in February this year.

The Tribunal also recommended that Kramer be fined K10,000 for the five other counts of misconduct.

The tribunal had put the seven counts of misconduct into two categories. The first category covers his guilty verdict of scandalizing the judiciary, which warranted the tribunal’s recommendation for dismissal from office.

The tribunal’s recommendation was made to the Speaker of Parliament.

The second category covers the five counts of misconduct relating to the decisions of the Madang District Development Authority Board in applying its District Services Improvement Program Fund (DSIP).

Kramer says he will appeal the penalty and verdict in the National and Supreme Courts.

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