Tribunal against judge adjourned

The tribunal hearing that was to commence today against senior judge, Justice Sir Bernard Sakora has been adjourned for three weeks.

 The adjournment was allowed after Sir Bernard’s lawyer, Loani Henao, informed the tribunal he had no materials before him to assist the tribunal.

He said he is yet to formally receive a reference or any charge laid against Sir Bernard despite chairman of the tribunal, Justice Sir Bruce Robertson, saying he was notified by the Judicial and Legal service Commission in the second week of August.

Henao asked for a three week adjournment as he did not receive a formal notice of the tribunal and did not know what was before the tribunal.

The adjournment application went unopposed by counsel assisting the tribunal.

After a brief adjournment, the tribunal ruled in favor of the adjournment.

Sir Bruce said Sir Bernard is entitled to a fair hearing.

As chairman, he urged the counsels to discuss between themselves the issues before the tribunal and the relevant materials needed to assist it.

The Judicial and Legal Services Commission, announced that the Tribunal has been set up to investigate and report to the JLSC, if Justice Sir Bernard Sakora should be removed from the Office of a Judge.

The subject matter of investigation is delayed judgments in cases heard and reserved for decisions.

The decision to appoint the Tribunal was made by the JLSC under the chairmanship of the outgoing Attorney General Mr Ano Pala, and could not be effected before he left office.

The appointment of the Tribunal by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, will investigate matters refereed to the Commission to determine whether there are good grounds for removing Justice Sir Bernard Sakora from his office.


(Loop PNG file picture of lawyer Loani Henao and Justice Sir Bernard Sakora.)

Sally Pokiton