Tribe apologizes to CJ over attack

The tribe who ambushed and attacked the Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia, and his armed escort along the road from Tsak valley to Wapanamenda on Monday, have apologized to his tribe with cash and pigs.

Enga Police Commander George Kakas said the tribe gave K10, 000 and five pigs to the Chief Justice and his tribe in the presence of police after they realized they were wrong.   

He said the apology was accepted but said the law remains and police will continue its investigations and get to the bottom of the attack.

Kakas said two groups of about 100 people were involved in the road block that demanded compensation from the Chief Justice as he was traveling to catch a flight back to Port Moresby. 

The attack on Monday stems from allegations of a sorcery related killing in early December last year and Kakas said he had sent his men to speak with relatives of the deceased man, to give consent for police to extract his body from the grave for autopsy.

“The culprits must surrender and police will work full time to get those responsible.

Police will also be seeking orders of the court in Wapanamenda to get the body extracted.

Kakas said relatives of the deceased refused to have an autopsy conducted on the body of the man after alleging he was killed through sorcery.

He said suspects involved in the torture of the two women, whom they accused of practicing sorcery to kill the man have been identified but they must come forward and surrender to police.

“We know who you are and you must surrender to us,” PPC Kakas said.

Meanwhile Sir Salamo was airlifted by helicopter out of Wapanamenda town today for Port Moresby.

Sally Pokiton