Tribal law will be enacted, Juffa warns

Northern Governor Gary Juffa says tribal law will be implemented if all other proper avenues to rid his province of corrupt individuals and businesses have been exhausted.

He said as a customary landowner and the leader of his Province, he has the right to enact tribal law.

The Governor said this during the Political Party Expo on Saturday (Nov 25).

In a fired up speech, Juffa called on Papua New Guineans to protect their land from any form of corruption and greed. And that includes implementing tribal law.

“We have exhausted the legitimate and legal laws that have been recorded and written by what I call foreign western laws. When that is exhausted, we will undertake our tribal laws. And I have the right to protect my land any way I wish.

“If they’re trespassing on my land, if they put their machine in my land, I will burn it. And I will do terrible things to them, without hesitation,” Juffa stated.

The Governor also called onleaders to protect the interest of the country and not to allow individuals, groups or corporations with interests that are detrimental to the future of the country.

He said PNG is the richest nation yet its people remain poor.

“That’s the challenge that we face in Parliament. We stand around and were afraid to protect this country the way it should be protected and promoted, with utmost aggression and assertion and jealousy; jealousy that we have a great nation, with great people.

“Why can’t we love this nation enough to protect it?”

Cedric Patjole