Treasury looks into major projects

The Ministry of Treasury has initiated a series of information detailing infrastructure projects funded and constructed under the government.

Treasury intends to better show what the national budgets are building for Papua New Guinea, creating much needed jobs in our districts.

In this first release, the second tranche of the Sustainable Highlands Highway Investment Program (SHHIP) is evaluated.

The SHHIP shall upgrade 71 bridges along the national Highlands Highway between Lae’s Nadzab Airport to Mt Hagen’s Kagamuga Airport.

Each of the 71 upgraded bridges will be double lane, with safely separated walkways, designed to mitigate risks posed to our vital national highways from climate change, such as heavier than usual rainfall.

Work will see a replacement of 45 existing bridges, including upgrading of 29 single lane bridges, rehabilitation of 25 existing bridges, and replacement of one culvert to a double lane bridge. Each bridge will also have safe stair access to water under the bridges.

“Each new improved bridge means that farmers and traders along the roads have more reliable, faster and safer road transport,” said Treasurer, Ian Ling-Stuckey.

“This will mean more frequent and less expensive PMV services, improved access to markets and the ability to better sell cash crops. More reliable, faster and safer road services in practice, means trade-shop owners and SME's can reduce their costs to sell in their villages at reduced prices,” he added.

The project is expected to be completed by December 31, 2025.

“SHHIP is a huge investment to better Connect PNG.

“This project is already employing several hundred hard-working Papua New Guineans, both directly and indirectly, and will deliver lasting improvements to the Highlands Highway” stated the Minister, before adding,

“I wish to thank the Department of Works, the ADB and OFID for collaborating on a key investment project,” said the Treasurer.

Freddy Mou