Travelers Warned Of Rough Seas

Passengers travelling in small boats have been told to consider the weather before going out to sea.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Mazuc Rubiang warned passengers who wish to travel by sea to take extra care when out at sea or consider the weather before travelling.

PPC Rubiang said while travelling this morning he and his team experienced rough seas due to bad weather. He said many people have died during rough seas and warned small boat operators to stop going out. 

“I have issued warning about small boats operating without observing safety measures but the passengers and boat operators are not listening. Many lives have been lost at sea and people will still die if we don't listen.”

Meantime, Madang Provincial Disaster Coordinator, Rudolf Mungali also raised the same concern adding that passengers must be equipped when travelling.

“Before going out people must be equipped with safety gears and carry enough food, fuel and other things that will help them if the event that they get lost at sea,” he said.

PPC Rubiang added that many people will be travelling to and from Madang and Wewak, others travel within Madang, from Madang to Raicoast and to the outer islands.

He said many of those using these routes have died and that the warning must be observed.

Sylvester Wemuru