Training On Patient Oxygen Management

An ongoing key training on patient care and treatment continues for health care workers (HCW’s) in the country as part of the National COVID-19 pandemic response.

The National Department of Health (NDoH), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Australian Government, jointly organized a training on patient oxygen management last week at the Stanley Hotel.

Clinicians, Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and Biomed officers were trained on how best to manage patients with low oxygen levels. This included using devices to help them breathe and manage oxygen concentrators that have been widely distributed since the start of the pandemic.

As per WHO recommendations the officers were given updates on the latest COVID-19 treatment guidelines. These HCW’s will be going to provincial hospitals to train the local hospital staff.

The training will help improve the management of all patients who require oxygen as part of their treatment in hospitals, despite it being part of the COVID-19 response.

This initiative is part of planning the establishment of a national Emergency Medical Team that can be deployed to provinces during disasters but also be utilized to improve overall clinical care in the country.

Press Release