Traffic Rules Ignored

The cause of many traffic accidents throughout the country is due to public ignorance to traffic rules and laws, says police.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang, said based on police reports, many traffic accidents are caused by overloading of vehicles.

He said in Madang alone, the issue is rampant and needs addressing, as vehicles are overloading with goods, passengers and even they are towing faulty trucks on vehicles that are unauthorized.

PPC Rubiang said Madang police had been doing awareness through various media platforms and even spoke to drivers not to overload, but the drivers and the passengers are still ignorant.

“The owners of the defunct vehicles who want to transport them to the workshop or from one location to another must know the right way to tow the vehicles. They must seek assistance from people who have tow trucks to move them,” said Rubiang. 

He said roads within Madang town and its outskirts are full of potholes, and that can cause vehicles to fall off the moving vehicle if not loaded properly. This also applies to cargos and passengers.

“I want to let the public know that the traffic laws and the rules are not new and everyone knows. No one should give excuses and say they do not know it. The ignorance of drivers and passengers had seen many lives being lost either by travelling on the vehicles or being hit but vehicles.”

Sylvester Wemuru