Tourists return to Morobe

More than 120 tourists arrived in Morobe Province for the first time since the uplifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

The tourists were brought in by Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc. and taken on a tour to Mou Village in Huon Gulf District.

Morobe Tourism Bureau Chief Executive Officer, Defol Jabbar is pleased at this return of tourists to Morobe shores.

“The 120 tourists mostly French, arrived at Mou Village on a cruise expedition on Thursday, 16th of February, 2023, and spent the whole day with the locals participating in cultural activities and traditional singsings, cooking, canoe building, sago roof weaving and other activities.

Jabbar said they also participated in Canoe races, boat rides and river trips, snorkelling, surfing and swimming.

He added artefacts like bilums, beads, necklaces, tapa, and fruits and vegetables were marketed to the tourists.

“We anticipate the next arrival of tourists in 3rd quarter of this year,” said Mr Jabba, who for the first time facilitated a cruise tourism niche operation single-handedly and succeeded.

Mr Jabbar added, “We hope to expand cruise expeditions (to) Nawaeb and Finschhafen.”

Meanwhile the Board Chairman of Morobe Tourism Bureau and Council member of Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Namon Mawason urged Morobeans to be mindful of false tourism schemes popping up with unrecognized trainings for Tour Guides and tourism initiatives.

Mr Mawason further urged provincial, district and local level government authorities to be wary of this so as not to jeopardise the tourism potential of their localities and people.

The Morobe Provincial Government allocated K100,000 towards Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc 2023 operations.

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc is the only entity registered, certified and recognized provincial tourism body affiliated with PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA), PNG National Cultural Commission (PNGNCC), PNG National Museum & Arts Gallery (PNGNMAG), PNG Tourism Industry (PNGTIA), and the Morobe Provincial Government (MPG). It works in partnership with local tour operators and Stakeholders in Morobe for the promotion and marketing of sustainable domestic tour packages, products and destinations.

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