Toropo outlines 2018 agendas

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force has ambitious goals for 2018 and the future.

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier General, Gilbert Toropo says that operational effectiveness will remain the forces theme, with the support to APEC18 being the focus.

Commander Toropo said he is confident and trusts that the force can continue to be transformed.

“Over the past four years, the force has grown to be a fitter and better disciplined. We have worked at and are working on our leadership, focusing on the projects that will help define how we will adjust in growing as a force to 10, 000 by 2030.”

He said this includes a review of the Defence Force Act, progressing Reserve Force legislation and developing better value creation models in the commercial support area to maximise the value of the forces assets, and offset some of its funding constraints.

“The future, despite our many challenges remains exciting.”

He adds that if in 2018 they can take ownership of their individual responsibilities at all levels the force can make good progress and purposefully continue forward in its journey.

Toropo outlined efforts to follow process and procedures, successfully resolve the implementation of the catering project and successfully introduce the next major support project, the long overdue integrated logistics system.

Annette Kora