Tonolei killings taken into account

The Autonomous Bougainville Government came under fire following the Tonolei killings on September 28th.

During that time, an early morning assault claimed the lives of two locals as well as an expatriate based at the site of the Tonolei Integrated Agricultural Project.

“The Tonolei incident transpired as a result of the wish to hasten development without carefully considering the repercussions,” said President Toroama.

“I am not blaming anyone for the tragedy that resulted in Tonolei however, it is something we as a responsible government must take into account.

“The situation has gone as far as having the lives of our leaders being threatened over their involvement in the project.

“As the government on the ground, the Bougainville Executive Council has approved a peace building effort to seek a peaceful solution to the matter.

“Many people were quick to criticise the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Bougainville Police Service for our apparent lack of attention to the problem in Tonolei.

“The problem in the Konnou Constituency has to be handled carefully to avoid any more unnecessary loss of lives.

“A sudden or heavy-handed response by the government would have resulted in an escalation of violence and further division amongst the people.”

Toroama further said the core functions of the Bougainville Police Service will be revisited.

“A safe and secure Bougainville guarantees a conducive environment for development to flourish.”

Press release