Tomuriesa raise concern on students’ selection

Deputy Opposition Leader and Kiriwina-Goodenough MP, Douglas Tomuriesa raised concerns that students with good academic marks are missing out on higher education selections while those with low grades progress to higher institutions.

Tomuriesa raised this issue on the floor of Parliament today and further called for the overhauling of the selection process with the Higher Education on Grade 12 school leavers.

He said parents have invested more on their children and expected them to make it to higher institutions but that’s not the case after scoring good marks in their Grade 12 examinations.

“They’ve dug deep into their pockets to make certain that their children achieve the best they can. And in doing so, the children have scored good marks with ‘As and Bs’ and expected to be selected to higher institutions as per their choice preferences, but that’s not the case.

“The students were missed out on their first and second choices but were selected on their third choice while students who didn’t do well were given preference to go to higher institutions.”

Mr Tomuriesa reminded Parliament that the Vision 2050 stated that PNG must be Smart, Happy and Healthy.

However, he raised concerns that, that’s not happening as smart students were affected by the higher education selection criteria and system.

“Can we deal with this issue immediately before our country are thrown to the dogs where the best students were thrown to the back and low scoring students were selected because of some illegal activities? If we want best leaders for this nation, we must begin now.”

Prime Minister James Marape when responding said a proper investigation into the matter will be done and a report will be presented to the Parliament.

Freddy Mou