Time for a female Governor-General!

It’s time Papua New Guinea appoints a female as Governor-General, says Opposition Leader Don Polye.

Parliament will nominate a new Governor-General this month as Sir Michael Ogio’s term expires after six years.

Polye said gender equity is a major issue in PNG. This country needs a female Governor-General not just to balance gender but to give a fair voice for women in the country.

“It is proven that women perform very well when under pressure and when they come under compromise they continue to stand steadfast on their functions,” stated Polye.

It is important that candidates nominated for Governor-General must not have a pre-existing medical condition, which makes them unfit, he added. Apart from gender equity, this should be one of the criteria in the appointment of Governor-General.

“It is in the best interest of the State and the best interest of the job that this candidate should not be considered.”

Polye appealed to candidates who have put their hands up to consider this.

Quintina Naime