Time to end distasteful comments: CS

The Correctional Service aims to put an end to the ridicule and discrimination from the general public.

Acting CS Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis, says he is putting a stop to all these distasteful comments and jokes that usually follow reports of mass breakouts.

During today’s Correctional Service workshop in Port Moresby, the Acting CS Commissioner said the days of incompetence are numbered.

Following the escape of over 30 prisoners at West New Britain’s jail yesterday, Stephen Pokanis said actions will be taken against incompetent officers.

He has instructed deputy commissioner operations and assistant commissioners for regional command, to ensure that commanding officers report as soon as possible, within 24 hours, on any escape.

“I’m not expecting any prisoner to run away from any hospital, from any institution, like nau yumi gat lo Lakiemata,” he stated.

“Mi expektim olgeta lain lo stap insait lo banis.

“Na disla ofisa blo yu ino kam wok lo moning, salim neim blo em hariap i kam; yumi putim em of lo pei.”

Pokanis further said the issue of breakouts is the responsibility of the deputy commissioner operations – not the commissioner.

“Komisina ino stap lo eit-haua diuti; komisina ino ronim kalabus,” he clarified.

“Komisina i ronim Correctional Service so yumi tilim gut wok.”

The 5-day workshop, which started today, has the theme: ‘Contributing to safer communities through lawful custody and rehabilitation of detainees’.

(Acting CS Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis)

Carmella Gware