Three died due to starvation: Local

Reports from the earthquake affected areas in Southern Highlands and Hela provinces continue to come in.

From these, the newsroom has gathered that fresh water and food supply is currently an immediate need.

So far, two children and an old woman from Mapuli village in the Komo-Margarima LLG of Hela Province, passed away yesterday, believed to be from starvation.

This is according to local woman Akili Kapiako.

Kapiako’s father had a nail embedded in his head during the earthquake, however he is stable now at the Tari hospital.

Other than that, she says locals have been without food and fresh water for three days now.

Miriam Gai, a nurse at Juni Health Centre in Limo, Margarima LLG, reported no deaths from their side.

But she said all nurses’ houses have collapsed except hers, where who is accommodating everyone, and using the verandah to sleep. 

Their only water tank broke therefore water is a grave concern.

Thomas Elo, a security with CDI at Moro, said as of yesterday afternoon, small tremors could be felt. 

Meantime, it is currently raining in the area, which is helping to alleviate their clean drinking water problem.

(File picture of displaced villagers in Southern Highlands Province – Supplied by Isaac Haboro Baiabo) 

Gloria Bauai