Termination of workers to be investigated: Controller

The State of Emergency Controller and Police Commissioner, David Manning, has directed the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations to investigate reports of workers being terminated and laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The direction came after the Labour Department received reports that a number of establishments laid off workers against an understanding of the Tripartite Working Committee Agreement made last week.

Manning urged employers to show some understanding in this difficult situation and allow the government to discuss and see how best to address the issue of businesses and employment and the welfare of citizens.

The Controller has appointed the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations Secretary as an Authorised Officer to enable the department to monitor and investigate reports of companies terminating and laying off workers.

“This effort is to eradicate negative aspects of what can happen during this pandemic as any termination of workers can have a ripple effect on families and can further result in law and order issues and this is what we must try to manage,” said the Controller.

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