Tentative dates for MPs’ contempt case

Tentative hearing dates have been set for a full Supreme Court bench to hear contempt allegations against five members of the Opposition in May.

The trial will see Bryan Kramer, Sir Mekere Morauta, Patrick Pruaitch and Kerenga Kua answer to allegations of contempt that are being raised by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill regarding issues that were before the courts.

Twivey Lawyers today informed the Supreme Court there are seven distinct allegations leveled against each MP.

Only Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah, is yet to be served the contempt motion.

PM O’Neill is seeking contempt charges against the Opposition members for making statements in a press conference, through media releases and on social media (Facebook) in relation to his arrest warrant case.

Summons will be issued on the day trial commences for the production of TV footage from EMTV, which was captured from the press conference.

Sally Pokiton