Teachers’ pay rise queried in Parliament

Teachers’ pay increase, promised by the government in 2016, is yet to be honoured.

The teachers’ plight was raised by Madang MP Bryan Kramer in parliament last week.

The teaching sector is one of the largest in the country.

In 2016 the government promised the 57,000 teachers in the country a 3 percent pay increment in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

2 years have passed and the issue remains stagnant.

Kramer, directing his question to Education Minister Nick Kuman and Minister for Treasury, Charles Abel, demanded definite answers if these increments were budgeted for and confirm when the increments will be paid.

Minister Charles Abel explained the responsibility of processing the increments lies with Treasury, Finance and Personnel Management departments.

Abel further clarified that under the arrangement, the 3 percent increment would be paid in phases; 2017 increment would be paid in 2018 followed with the outstanding for 2018.

Minister Able stated that the increments have been factored into resourcing and work is in progress, adding the increment will be fulfilled, however, dates cannot be confirmed at this stage.

Unsatisfied, Kramer, once again shot his question.

Kramer was answered by Speaker Job Pomat who explained the increments are yet to be budgeted and reiterated work is in progress.

(Madang MP Bryan Kramer in parliament last week)

Carolyn Ure