Tari, Goilala want lawful solutions

Ethnic antagonism between the people of Goilala and Tari living in Port Moresby now takes a new approach in bringing peace and harmony between the two ethnic groups.

Last week, leaders of both Tari and Goilala met at the Badili Police Station to urge their people not to take the law into their own hands but to let the law enforcers to bring to justice those who are involved in the latest killing of a Tari man at 2 Mile Hill on 30th of July.

The leaders of the Taris & Goilalas said the retaliations and killings on both sides had gone for too long and it has marred the reputation of both ethnic groups, and they want it to end.

Andrew Mogai, spokesperson for Tari in Moresby South electorate said this ethnic disputes and killing between the Goilala and Tari people from Hela has damaged the reputation of the good people from the two ethnic groups for too long.

He added that many times, disputes erupt between individuals or small group who argue over alcohol but then the issue spills over to the rest of the people so therefore there is no need to involve the whole community to solve such issues.

Mr Mogai reaffirmed the standing order placed by the Member for Port Moresby South and Minister for Housing and Urbanization, Justin Tkatchenko for any ethnic groups and individuals who are caught up in a dispute ending in death, not to retaliate but to let the law take its course.

“As far as Hela is concern, we know that “it’s part of Hela culture. When you kill someone then there is definitely going to be a payback killing, as they say, ‘a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye,’ no wasting time.”

However, at this point Mogai said the leaders sat back and said enough is enough. He added that the people should heed the call from the member and see what will happen.

Spokesperson for the Goilala and Manager of Koki Market, Cletus Mogoia expressed similar sentiments. While appreciating the Hela people for their change of approach he appealed for those who know the names of the killers come forward and reveal the names of the perpetrators so justice can take its course.

“This is the first of its kind from Hela, or Tari as we know them, for their leaders to come up with this initiative. Because it is common knowledge that when one kills a person from Tari, definitely there is going to be retaliation.

“I told the Goilala community to come along. Even many didn’t believe what is happening here with the Tari community,” Mr Mogoia said.

He appealed to both ethnic groups to leave the past, forgetting what used to be and be renewed in their mindset.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the family of deceased Ale Kati, Pastor Daniel Hewali appealed to the Police hierarchy at Badili to ensure the suspects are apprehended because their identities are known.

Pastor Daniel Hewali speaking as the family spokesperson of the deceased Ale Kaita and as a local leader urged the people who know the identity of the perpetrators to give their names to the police so they can be arrested and put behind bars.

He said this will appease the Tari people who are preparing also to send the body home within the next one week.

Pastor Hewali added that it has taken more than a week for the relatives of the wife of the deceased to bring the murders forward.

The family are demanding for this because before the deceased passed away he informed his family of those who were involved in his murder.

Pastor Daniel further made a call to the Hela people not to take the law in their own hands because of your custom, when one dies another will not go free. Now the police is in force is involved so we also appeal to the police to set the precedent for us Hela people.” Ps. Daniel Hewali said.

Frieda Kana