Take pride in your uniform: Wagambie

Police officers from the Central Province who took part in the first 2023 commander's parade on Thursday, January 26 were told to work with pride. That includes respecting the police uniform that they wear.

Assistant Commissioner Of Police for NCD and Central Province Anthony Wagambie Jr was guest of honour at the parade. He told the assembled officers that this year (2023) he will be strict with discipline and attendance of police officers in his command.

"This is a new year and this year for the division is for discipline and attendance. For the first three months, we are going to monitor you all and NCD Metsupt and PPC Central had been tasked to do that,” he said. “Basically, you must be committed to what you are doing daily by getting back to the basics.”

“Discipline and accountability. I have been observing that a lot of things had not been happening right in the command,” he added.

ACP Wagambie also warned those who are not performing their duties, saying he has received information that many police officers who are supposed to serve in Central Province are not doing so, they are instead serving in NCD Command.

“You all have to be honest with what you are doing,” Wagambie said.

After the parade, Commander Wagambie spent time with his officers discussing issues that affect the command and the police operation in Central Province, and how they can improve policing in the province.

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