TAIC opened to start taking patients

The Taurama Aquatic Indoor Complex (TAIC) is now open and ready to take in patients recovering from COVID-19.

Yesterday, an agreement was signed between the St John Ambulance, the NCD Provincial Health Authority, the Port Moresby General Hospital, and the Health Department, to seal this joint effort in the monitoring and recovery process of COVID-19 positive patients.

The TAIC will relieve the Port Moresby General Hospital and the Rita Flynn Isolation facility, of patients who are recovering from COVID-19.

PMGH CEO Dr Paki Molumi said, “At PMGH ward, we have 70 patients. Our isolation facility has a capacity of 18 beds. We have 15 patients, 7 are severe and two are ventilated. Nine other cases are waiting the Emergency Department to take up remaining spaces in the isolation ward. We opened up another ward to cater for the increase in number of cases.”

In the past three weeks PNG’s health system was overwhelmed with the surge in reported cases of the Coronavirus.

Dr Molumi said it’s put a lot of strain on the staff, and they are not able to fully function in terms of delivering normal services to the public, in terms of TB, Malaria and diabetes.

He said over 90 per cent of the COVID-19 cases at PMGH is mild to moderate.

These patients will be moved to the TAIC – including health workers who tested positive to COVID-19.

“PMGH can manage severe and critically ill, and those that require surgical care and obstetric care in COVID-19,” said Dr Molumi.

The TAIC can cater for about 270 beds, but they will take in a small number of patients at a time.

“At this point its to start small. We will start with a small number of patients this evening. They are health workers that positive with COVID. Health workers who will assist at the TAIC will come from PMGH and NCDPHA,” said Commissioner Matt Cannon, CEO of the St John Ambulance Service.

Salome Vincent