Suspended Parlt clerk reinstated

Suspended Clerk of Parliament, Vela Konivoro, has been reinstated after the court resolved that his removal was not determined by the National Executive Council before referral.

Speaker of the National Parliament, Job Pomat, officially welcomed Konivoro today.

Konivoro was suspended by NEC on the 14 of August 2014 and referred to the Chief Justice to appoint Rights Tribunal.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia appointed the Tribunal consisting of three judges in Derek Hartshorn, Sir Kina Bona and late Justice Martin Ipang.

The tribunal found the Clerk guilty on 3 counts of misbehaviour and recommended to NEC to remove him as a Constitutional Office Holder.

However, the tribunal’s decision was reviewed at the National Court because the issue of removal was not determined by NEC before referral.

The Orders are;
1. Grant the Review
2.Consequently tribunal’s decision on guilt and penalty are both quashed.
3. The suspension of the applicant was set aside and Mr Vela Konivaro restored to office forthwith.
4. State pays applicant’s costs.

“Yesterday was my first time to come to parliament, and I did not come and barge straight into parliament as reported wrongly by the Post-Courier,” Konivaro stated.

“I waited for the court order, and following the receipt of the court order from the registry, the speaker was happy to invite me back to parliament.”

Speaker Pomat confirmed his reinstatement.

“We welcome him back, and he goes back to his position as Clerk.”

(Reinstated Clerk of Parliament, Vela Konivoro)

Meredith Kuusa