Suspect killed in POM shootout

A suspect was killed while two others wounded during a shootout today between Police and criminals in Port Moresby.

The incident started from Gordon’s KMC all the way to RH Hypermart gate.

The acting NCD/Central police commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said Boroko Criminal Investigation Division (CID) had followed intelligence reports and had gone to KMC Gordon’s where there was a planned armed robbery.

“The armed gang were using a white sedan; investigations will reveal if it is a stolen motor vehicle or not because there were a number of registration plates in the vehicle,” he said.

“When the criminals realised that Police had arrived at the location, they made a quick getaway on the vehicle they were using with the plain clothes Police in pursuit.

“The criminals opened fire on Police where a car chase was in progress with shootout between Police and criminals, leading from Gordon’s KMC all the way to RH Hypermart gate. The criminals forced two vehicles to swerve off the road to avoid bumping into each other.”

The suspects eventually bumped into a taxi cab, with the force from the impact pushing the cab back into another vehicle following in the rear.

Of the four suspects, one was killed, two wounded and another escaped on foot.

“Four factory made pistols were recovered at the scene,” stated Wagambie Jnr.

“I commend the CID members for their quick action to information gathered. CID Boroko are stepping up and I again warn armed criminals that you must stop whatever plans you have. Police will come in hard when encountering armed criminals.

“NCD is faced with high number of stolen motor vehicles and armed robberies. The danger in that is that hard working people are being robbed off their vehicles and hard earned cash.

“I am impressed with the pick up of Police Operations and Response so far. We will get better as we work towards our new strategies, complementing what is already in place to counter crimes with violence.

“The strategy will be devised in consultation with Metropolitan Superintendent NCD and his senior officers.”

Press release