Suspect in doctor’s bashing arrested

The main suspect involved in the bashing of Resident Medical Officer (RMO) attached to the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Services, Dr Newman Berry, has been arrested and charged.

Director for Internal Affairs, Robert Ali, confirmed that after investigations, the main suspected officer was identified and arrested last week.

Dr Newman Berry was returning from Tokarara after dropping his sister off, around 9.30-10pm on Wednesday, May 31, when he was stopped by police and accused of dropping off rascals.

He was brutally assaulted, where he sustained severe head and facial injuries, including psychological trauma.

The incident later created a storm on social media which caused prominent individuals to call on the police hierarchy to get investigations underway and arrest the suspects.

Finally, Ali said the investigative phase is being brought to a close now and the next phase will take place in court.

He commended media for following up on the investigation, adding that the result will be disseminated through the media.

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