Surrender or get hunted down: Baki

Those behind the killing of the two policemen must surrender themselves or get hunted down.

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, this morning said this in response to the killings in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, over the weekend.

“I want all these senseless killers to surrender themselves to the law.”

Baki warns that if they do not surrender themselves, they (police) will go after them.

“If we have the firearms to go after them to detain them, we will do it,” he says.

He issued this warning to the people up in Southern Highlands and said they should think about his words very carefully.

The situation is believed to be in relation to the recent elections and the declaration of governor-elect, William Powi.

He adds that the police officers had nothing to do with this fight, which cost them their lives.

“These killings are ridiculous and unnecessary and two innocent officers of the force took the fall for it. That kind of mentality must stop in the highlands.”

Annette Kora