Super Fund keeps COVID Controls

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) has reconfirmed that all Branches and commercial buildings are operating COVID Safe plans.

NSL announced this following a surge in recorded COVID-19 cases in Port Moresby, and other provinces,

NSL says over the past 12-months the Fund has implemented operational controls to help tenants, members and staff to stay ahead of the spread COVID-19.

CEO of Nambawan Super, Paul Sayer, said Covid-19 is a serious threat to the wellbeing of Papua New Guineans, and they must not be complacent.

“All Nambawan Super commercial buildings, managed by JLL, have controls in place, including temperature check on entry, the availability of hand sanitizer, limits in numbers to travel in lifts – and of course, the requirement to wear a mask to enter the building.

“Given the current increase in cases we have asked JLL to step up reinforcement of protective measures across all buildings.

“Individuals need to comply with these risk reduction measures – to reduce the risk of further spreading Covid-19 in their workplace, homes and community,” Mr Sayer said.

The Fund says operational changes introduced in 2020 are being maintained this year and will continue until the threat of COVID-19 is adequately reduced.

“I expect as long as quarantine is required for international travel, we will have a corporate responsibility to continue operational measures to protect our staff, members and tenants,” he said.

“We are all tired of this and all would like to return to our normal lives, but we must heed the advice of trusted National and International Health experts.”

Nambawan Super Branches are continuing to run a service schedule to reduce staff- and member-to-member contact.

All application lodgements are limited to Tuesday and Thursday, including Unemployment Benefits, Retirement Savings Accounts, Unfunded State Share payment applications, new benefits, medical, housing advance, deceased and RSA minors.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, members can do Follow Ups, General queries, Statements requests and enquire about ID cards.

All interviews will be done upon appointment.

Basic enquiries such balance and statement requests should go to the free call contact centre on 180 1599.

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