A summary of NY security operations in Pom

The security operations for the festive period started off on a high note before going past midnight into the New Year.

Road blocks and police check points were set up by police right across the city’s major peak zones.

Speaking to this newsroom, officers on duty said they noted a smooth check and pass for most vehicles in and around the Port Moresby North East electorate.

The same was reported for Badili and the Town in the Port Moresby South electorate.

In the Port Moresby North West electorate; especially at the Waigani traffic, although having had a lot of motorists passing, Sergeant Munana Andrew of Waigani police station said, police have noted a slight difference to the motorists in the area.

“Due to countless awareness’s and informational warnings being  passed out prior to the operations, motorist have become more aware and alert of what they should and should not be doin,g whist moving about in their vehicles.”

He adds that this is good thing.

Nothing drastic was reported that required immediate police response during the hours leading up to midnight.

However, it was reported later that a couple of streets in the Hohola suburb had some youths thrashing and throwing debris on the roads and street entrances.

Police arrived just in time to stop any more thrashing and burning of tyres, further dispersing any groups standing along the roads.

This crew convoyed with police to note that most residents had adhered to warnings and information passed through that media to have no noise after 2am.

This saw most streets being quiet to almost no noise at all.

A separate incident at the Poreporena Freeway reported stone throwing by youths into the oncoming traffic in attempt to break windows of passing cars.

We caught up with the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou who said police arrived just in time to contain the situation.

Neither the suspects were caught nor were there any reports of fatalities, police did a check of the surround area and were stationed there to monitor the traffic going to and fro the highway.

In a media debriefing this morning, the NCD Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou highlighted that the operations have seen much improvement in the way people have behaved.

The Met Supt reiterated that the community should be commended for improving, despite reports of fatalities, drink driving, alcohol related fights, and disturbances which are common during such periods.

He spoke about the issue of tyre burning, and vehicle stoning as being examples of negative behaviour that needs to change.

Meanwhile, the St John Ambulance services were also on standby and stationed at specific locations right across the city.

The crew caught up with St Johns crew stationed at NRI, Rainbow last night just before midnight.

St John Ambulance Chief Superintendent, Rigone Rita said they have not attended to any fatalities since being stationed at 6pm yesterday.


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Annette Kora