Suggested outcomes for ‘big village’

The NCD Superintendent Operations has called on village elders at Hanuabada to go back and talk with the community.

Commander Michael Tilae warned however that the villagers have two options: To either lift the ban or allow for the police to come in and carry out community policing.

Tilae says the forum they hold needs to emphasise that police will not come in light-handed.

He said that the people need to take responsibility but also note that the police will need to carry out their duties diligently.

Meantime, the elders are set to hold a meeting following the meeting today with the NCD Metropolitan police command to see how best they can deal with the law and order issues that have been thriving since the ban on police presence at the big village.

(Metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou speaking with the elders)

Julianna Waeda