Studies Confirm Climate Change Irreversible

Minister for Environment and Conservation Wera Mori said a recent study by scientists around the world has confirmed that the impacts of climate change is irreversible.

He has now appealed to citizens to collectively address climate change by planting trees and mangroves to mitigate carbon concentration. 

The Minister said the findings are alarming and has also warned that we brace ourselves to the impacts of climate change.

“In parts of the country, we are now experiencing dry spell where we are now at a situation where daily temperature is rising.

“We will have temperature above what is normal and that will affect the livelihood of our people.

“Our people must now identify food crops that will be able to withstand extreme weather patterns especially of high temperature”, added Minister Mori.

“I am now making an appeal to all schools around the country, to take part and actively involve in planting trees.

“We have a collective duty to be able to address the concentrations of carbon dioxide. The direct features of extreme weather and climate patterns is a consequence of the concentration of greenhouse gases. The higher the concentrations will give rise to the increase in the temperature,” he said.

Minister Mori said under CEPA, the ministry is undertaking efforts of planting trees and encouraging those living along the coastline to plant mangroves.

Jemimah Sukbat